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Cheerleading, an Olympic Sport???

Posted by MelCqt on Jul 2, 2008 3:20:35 PM

Cheerleading, an Olympic Sport????? Would you mind little bubbly smile-plastered females (or males) running around in little skirts showing off their bloomers all over your television screen? Could you see yourself along with your family saying, 'nice basket toss! Sweet collegiate!?


Well, let's delve right into the facts here. The pros:


1. Cheerleading has comparable training & conditioning to most other sports. Squads practice on a daily basis for hours at a time. Strength training, cardio-endurance workouts and of course stunts are all part of the routine.


2. Who wouldn't get a laugh out of "Go! Fight! Win!" in 40 different languages? How entertaining!


3. There wouldn't be a shortage of judges!



On the other hand, many would concur that there are more reasons arguing Cheerleading as an Olympic Sport.



1. Judges subjectivity could be a problem. There would need to be a well structured scoring system put into place. We have all seen how biased judges can be in sports such as figure skating, synchronized swimming and rhythmic dance. The culture, age and personality can skew the scoring.



2. Additionally, the majority of the countries need to support this decision. There are fewer than the required number of countries currently practicing Cheerleading on the Olympic level.



3. Cheerleading teams compete with varying numbers of members with some in excess of 25. Many countries may be unable to afford the trip.



In summary, there are many pros and cons to making Cheerleading an Olympic sport. Now, let's get some feedback!



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