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Jeff Conine Steps Up to the Ironman Plate

Posted by ActiveKona on Oct 9, 2008 10:30:32 AM

Jeff Conine, a 17-season major league baseball player, will take to the water and roads of Kona this weekend during the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championships. The two-time all star and two-time World Series champion is racing on a sponsor's exemption.


At 42-years-old and just over 200 pounds, Conine isn't exactly the svelte ex-pro taking on another sport like former pro cyclists Steve Larsen and Laurent Jalabert, who have both found success in Iron-distance racing. But then again, pro cycling and pro baseball are two different beasts.


However, as Conine told +Bicycling+ magazine's David L'Heureux, there may be some  other advantages he brings to the table:


"There are some similarities between baseball and triathlons: So much of it is mental. Triathlons are a grind, just like playing 162 games in a season is a grind. I prided myself on having a great work ethic, which is something my father taught me."


Other aspects of triathlon, however, don't exactly translate well from playing ball. An article by Don Norcross in the +San Diego Union Tribune+ revealed:


+There's one triathlon feature he hasn't embraced: shaved legs.


"Haven't gotten myself into that yet," he said.+

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