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Soccer Star Kristine Lilly Talks Pregnancy

Posted by mvalenti on Apr 24, 2008 12:54:25 PM



Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks and Counting! (Excerpt from  Kristine Lilly's Online Journal)


Little movements and a bigger belly is the big news these days. The little one inside is growing and so is my belly--it's officially in the way. I have to bend down on one knee to tie my shoe. I also feel my belly when I work out. It's not so much that I can't work out but that I have extra weight to carry with me. However, with all these changes, I feel the life inside me and that is something special.


I always wondered why pregnant women touch their bellies so much and now I get it. First off, it's a place to rest your hands, which is convenient, but more importantly to feel the life that is growing inside you. I have had Dave put his hand on my belly but most of the time the little one doesn't continue to kick. He did feel the movement one time and I think it freaked him out and helped him realize that there really is a baby in there. I think for the guys it is tough because they don't go through all the changes. They only experience what we say and how we act. Maybe that's enough for them.


I am still doing my workouts and some days I feel like it, some I don't. The fact that I have a choice not to some days has been really nice. I haven't increased anything I'm doing, I'm just maintaining. It is nice to go up to the gym and get a little sweat, but not too much sweating, because I am not exerting myself too much--nothing like I am used to. It is more for my psyche than anything else really. Plus I get up there and see some of my friends and that is nice.


As for cravings and other senses, I haven't really experienced anything. The fact that I love a bowl of ice cream is pretty much right up there with what I did before I was pregnant, so I wouldn't say that is a craving. I have pretty much cut soda out of my diet. I have one every so often, so that is a good thing, however, I do crave a big Diet Coke with lots of ice. I eat more frequently and have lots of healthy snacks throughout the day. For the most part I have had a good experience so far and look forward to the weeks ahead.


Pregnancy for me has been an adjustment, but for the most part it has been great! I love the fact that I have a little one inside of me and that soon it will enter the world. It is so amazing and I know when I have it, my world will be turned upside down and it will be the greatest thing. So for now, I am enjoying each step and taking it all in and making sure I am doing everything I can to feel good.


Take care,

Kristine Lilly


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