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Kristine Lilly Talks Pregnancy: Part II

Posted by mvalenti on Jul 14, 2008 12:53:18 PM



Pregnancy Update: Excerpt from  Kristine Lilly's Online Journal


It's time again for my pregnancy update.  As I sit here typing, my baby has decided to set up house on the right side of my belly below my rib cage and it isn't so comfortable.  All I hope is that baby Heavey is comfortable if I am going through this discomfort.


I am just passed 32 weeks; 2 months and counting. It is really hard to believe.  A lot of people have been asking me if it is going by slow or fast. I have to say the first 3 months was really slow, the second trimester was fast and now this last part has been slow and fast at the same time. I think because I am getting so close, I'm like holy cow, the baby is really coming.


The little one is really active and it feels amazing when she/he moves around. I had Dave put his hand on my belly and this time the baby was moving and he was like wow! I said this is what it is always like. I have yet to see a hand or elbow poke through my belly like people say but I am waiting patiently for that to happen. 


I have cut back a lot on my workouts. I have settled for walking on the treadmill with incline to get somewhat of a work out. If I am not doing that I am just walking my dog for 30 or 4o minutes in the morning. I'm at a point where working out isn't so fun because it's not really a work out to me, so I don't mind going for the long walks with Scrib. I'm definitely taking advantage of this down time and letting my body be.


Sleeping has been one thing that hasn't been so great. It actually has become quite annoying, not sleeping. I go to the bathroom every 2 hours.  The doctors say only sleep on my left side and that gets old after awhile. I so want to sleep on my belly but that won't happen and I just flop over to my back for a little bit because I go crazy on one side. My right side gets some time but when I wake up I realize that I shouldn't be sleeping on it so I flop back over. Meanwhile my husband is sleeping nice and soundly on his back happy as can be!  I guess this is what pregnancy does for you, it prepares you for the arrival of the baby, in which sleep isn't an option.  Should all be very interesting.


I'm starting to get swollen and that isn't so fun either.  I guess I shouldn't complain seeing my pregnancy has been great so far.  Instead of looking at it as complaining, I will just share the changes in my life and body. My wedding rings are starting to get a bit tight, my shoes are a bit more snug and of course my clothes, well thanks to my friend Tish, all her maternity clothes have come in quite handy. It's funny when I try to put on a pair of my normal clothes and how they are so tight.


My appetite has been pretty good. I am still eating my fruit and ice cream for dessert. I have to eat smaller meals because the room in my belly is getting limited. I am craving a good old fashion sandwich with roast beef or turkey. I'm not suppose to eat cold cuts because there is something in there not good for the baby.  So I can't wait till the baby is born to have my sandwich. Other than that, food is my friend and I am enjoying my appetite.


I have done some work with Stonyfield farm and they have a new yogurt called Yo Mommy! It is really good and it is good for women who are pregnant or nursing. If you go to this link you can learn about the yogurt and hear a live video of me talking about being pregnant: It has been great to work with Stonyfield Farm again, they are a great company and have great products that are good for you. 


I thought by the time that I finished this journal that the baby might have moved over a bit, but no it is still on my right side. My belly looks a little deformed right now.  Maybe when I get to bed and lay on my left side the baby will move over a bit and give my right rib a break. This little baby is growing and every day brings me closer and closer to meeting him/her and I can't wait.


Always Believe,

Kristine Lilly


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