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ActiveX Training

November 2007

Welcome to ActiveX

Posted by ActiveArch Nov 28, 2007

With ActiveX, we'll train everyday movements to the extreme. No curls. No seated leg extensions. We run, jump, squat, push, pull, and sweat. We execute our movements like a rabid dog was chasing us, without sacrificing form. We time our workouts to make it competitive and track our progress. We push, we encourage, and we do it because we are Active.


Each workout will be different. We will however, have a set of workouts we will do time and time again to map our progress.


Our inaugural workout was captured on video We did 3 rounds of a 600m run, 30 push presses and 30 sit ups. Have a look:



We'll train Tuesday and Friday, meeting at the gym. Depending on how many show up, we'll need to stagger the workout so no one is slowed down by minimal equipment.


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