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Wednesday, 12.26.07



Horrible Hundred - 100 push ups / 100 squats /100 sit ups / 100 squats. For time. Enjoy!






Friday, 12.28.07



The Ironman Shuffle - 3 Rounds for time of 400 run / 20 dumb bell deadlifts with weight, f=80






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ActiveX - "Fran-ish"

Posted by ActiveArch Dec 21, 2007


Oooo, this one hurt. And it as a first time to ActiveX for some, so, welcome! I can't say it gets any easier, and why would we want it to? Right?



21/15/9  of thrusters with 90lbs/25lbs and modified pull-ups.



Great job today!



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ActiveX - "Helen"

Posted by ActiveArch Dec 18, 2007

Awesome work today, everyone! You may be thanking me through Christmas for this one, you used a lot of dormant muscles to power those dumb bell swings. We're really creating a great environment for building fitness! We'll have to have a beach party this summer so we can all show off!

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ActiveX - 100 for Lunch

Posted by ActiveArch Dec 16, 2007

Good workout of 20 rounds of 5 squats, 5 push ups, and 5 sit ups, on the :45.


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Posted by ActiveArch Dec 11, 2007

Great work today! This is a measurement workout, so if you recorded your time, we can measure it against the next time we do it.


4 rounds for time:

400 run

20 push ups

15 box jumps

10 modified pull ups



Sorry, no video today!

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ActiveX - The Running Sumo

Posted by ActiveArch Dec 7, 2007

We had a short, fast workout today, but kicked our butts.


400 run

21 Sumo Deadlift

400 run

18 Sumo Deadlift

400 run

15 Sumo Deadlift


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Wow, what a group! I hope we can keep it up!


Today we did a TABATA interval with box jumps, push ups, squats, sit ups and modified pull ups. 8 rounds for :20 seconds on, :10 seconds rest 8 rounds, then 2:00 minutes rest between exercises. A great workout!








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Another great day of training, this time for a fearless group who braved the rain. Check out the video:


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