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ActiveX Training

March 25, 2008


All — would you be interested in purchasing a few things to accentuate our training? Not having access to weights is really going to hurt us going forward, so I thought I’d run it by you. Here is what I am thinking...


Women: 2 x 8-12 lbs dumbells, 1 25 lb dumbell

Guys: 2 x 15-25 lb dumbells , 1 35-45lb dumbell


All: cheap yoga mat, jump rope


A great place to get this stuff, especially the weights, is off Craigs List. CHEAP. Also, Play It Again Sports has used stuff.  Now, the caveat to this is EVERYONE would need to get it, so when we’re training, we can all do the workout.


With the weights, we can do:


Push Press

Dumbell Swings


Weighted Cartwheels








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