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My View of Toby's SD 100

Posted by ActiveArch Jun 8, 2008





Saturday afternoon/night, I witnessed something amazing.  I made the drive out to the Cuymacha to watch Toby Guillette conquer his FIRST 100 mile race. I made the drive back to San Diego in silence, letting my mind deconstruct what I had just experienced.  What Toby accomplished is a lot to get your head around. 100 miles. In 24 hours. In the heat, the desert cold, dirty, sweaty, shivering. Consuming a calulated number of buffet-like calories at every check point. So well planned, so incredibly thought out, his support team executing in unison perfection, Toby was a machine.



It's not about going a 7 minute mile. It's about going. And going. Much like the Energizer Bunny, but with root beer, watermelon, Snickers bars, and PB&Js as the fuel. A masterpiece of kinesthetic and caloric management shared by a group of 5 + Toby.  And he executed to a T.



Toby, well done, my friend. I want to buy you a beer and hear all of the stories, as I'm sure there are many. I'm a fan.









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