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ActiveX Training

October 6, 2008

Just wanted to let you know that this past Saturday I rode my new road bike for the first time all around the bay, OB, and Mission Valley. It’s the first time I’ve ever ridden a non-beach-cruiser in my life and not only did I not fall off, but I had a blast!  My IT Band is still preventing me from running and I’ve been going to PT twice a week, but every cloud has a silver lining and this running injury has “forced” me to pursue other activities, including getting in the pool for the first time in over 15 years, cycling, and doing hot yoga –three things I had never enjoyed or was too scared to try.  Every once in a while I kick myself for passing up the incredible opportunity to train for the Solana Beach Tri with you and the rest of the X’ers because I was too much of a wimp at the time to try swimming and biking, but now that I’ve tried both on my own and realized that they’re not as intimidating as I’d once thought, I am happy to say that I’d like to do a sprint tri in 2009 (and maybe a duathlon beforehand) once I get some practice in the ocean and once I can run more than a mile again without pain.  Guess I just had to take a few more baby steps to mentally get to where I’d wanted to be a few months ago, but I’m there!


But back to the bike…The people at B&L hooked me up pretty good and I am so excited to play with my new toy! I can now understand this tri-bug that everyone seems to be talking about J


Thanks for giving us X’ers the confidence to push beyond our limits and fears and to go after what we’re capable of!



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In honor of an oldie but a goodie can say that, Andrew Cole.


:45 minutes, teams of 5, each team member starts at a specific station, then rotates when the runner returns –




300 HILLY trail run

Sit ups

Dumbell rows

Jump rope

Wall Ball




Again, interval for each team is their runner. Move stations order above when runner returns.




Great workout everyone, a heavy sweater.



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