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ActiveX Training

November 5, 2008


The international sign for choaking in hands around the throat. Pretty much what everyone wanted to do to me today.



3 rounds of:



10 Turkish Getups (total)

10 Wall Ball tosses

40 Hollowrocks



Run 400 meter



20 Body Rows

20 Plyo Push Ups



Run 400 meters BACKWARDS






That one almost made me yak.



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ActiveX Lite: 11.05.08

Posted by ActiveArch Nov 5, 2008


A great group this morning! Thanks to all for making it this morning.



30 minutes of:



Dimensional lunges (x3) - Lunge to side, 45, straight, opposite leg straight, 45, side

10 full extension sit ups



Walk with a purpose/Run to tennis courts



5 Body Rows

10 Plyo-push ups



Walk with a purpose/Run to tennis courts back









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