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ActiveX Training

December 15, 2008


Nasty San Diego weather conditions didn't stop an intrepid group of ActiveXers from training today. "We take advantage of the poor conditions, because it keeps us from getting soft" said Mike Dobransky, an ActiveX athlete. "Getting sloppy wet only intensified the fun, added that little bit of extra insanity to already insane Turkish getups" said Kelly Conti. And from Gulam, an avid Xer and new father, "burrrrr".



Teams of 2, 30 minutes of:



6 Turkish Getups / wall sits (one member does the TGUs while the other wall sits, until the TGUs are completed, then switch)

2 x 5 flights of stairs / Pushups (on member climbs stairs with other does pushups. Switch when stair climber is finished)

25 lunges down, 25 lunges back / situps ( one lunges, one does situps until lunger is finished, switch)






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