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4 rounds of 30 team Turkish get ups, equivalent  squats and equivalent wall sits.



Teams of 4, 2 on the TGUs, 2 on the squat/wall sit. While the group is doing the TGUs alternating efforts, the other two are doing squats and wall sits the duration of the time it takes for their pair group to complete their rounds of TGUs.



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Run a 5k hard effort, then 100 push ups, 100 sit ups. Enjoy!

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ActiveX - Quadzilla

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 15, 2008

4 Rounds:

400m Run

80 side lunges

10 walkouts

10 handstands

100 flurry punches


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Thursday, Feb. 14th

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 14, 2008

Anyone doing the workout from yesterday, today? Let me know.

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Ooooo...tough one today. Almost had to shell out some free swag.


Sets of 25 pop ups, 25, lunges (25 right/25 left), 25 pull ups, 25 bounds, 25 push ups, 25 sit ups


Repeat as 20, 15, 10, 5.




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ActiveX - Buckwheat's Mother

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 11, 2008

Today we did a Tabata interval which made up of 8 different workouts. Each individual workout is executed with 8 rounds of :20 on and :10 off, with a 1:00 recovery between each different workout.


Box jumps, walkouts, side lunges, hand stands, squat jumps, dumb bell swings, get up sprints, and bicycle abs.



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ActiveX - Edward Scissorabs

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 6, 2008

Tough day of 5 rounds:

400 run

100 lunges

50 scissor kick abs,2,3,4 = 1

30 push ups


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ActiveX - The Slump Buster

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 4, 2008

Once we got the tennis court cleaned off, we had a great workout. Beautiful, sunny winter day in SoCal.


Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Complete as many rounds as possible in allotted time of - 5 burpees, 5 hand stands, and 5 legit sit ups.


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