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January 6, 2009

Air Burt, Mountain Man

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 6, 2009


ActiveXer Burt Repine just got back from summiting 23,000 ft. Aconcagua in Argentina! An absolutely amazing adventure, one that takes months of preparation, is extremely gear intensive, not to mention costly, both financially and potentially physically. Huge congratulations to Burt pushing himself to do something extraordinary! By the way...Burt comes from pretty good stock. His mom has won her age group in Kona multiple times, and has competed in 14 Ironman-distace races, and is still getting after it, at 60. Awesome.



Burt will be posting a "race report" soon with additional photos. Burt, awesome man, awesome.



Unfortunately, Burt washed the stink out of the ActiveX hoody after the trip, so whomever has it next gets a fresh start.






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