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ActiveX Training

January 7, 2009


Good work today!  A few new faces, a few old friends finding their way back. Great to see everyone, thanks for coming!



Teams of 2, continue for 30 mintues, reps are total per team:



20 pull ups

20 ab throwdowns (20 per person)

20 wall ball shots

20 Turkish get ups

20 double unders





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Ice Crystal

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 7, 2009


And you think it is cold here in the morning? ActiveXer Crystal Barnes recently returned for a extended trip to Antartica! She braved the absolutely frigid cold, one of the nastiest ocean swells there is, and lots of penguins! You can see her amazing photos here:



And yet another great trip for the ActiveX hoodie! What's next? Crystal, awesome adventure.






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Great Article / Motivation

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 7, 2009


Great article compliments of Jamie Williams. Awesome stuff, and a big part of why we do what we do.



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