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ActiveX Training

January 29, 2009

Girl Gone Wild

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 29, 2009


What a difference a year makes. ActiveXer Alison Inglese is now an endurace athlete, among other things. I want to share a note from Alison, for all to enjoy, and to motivate yourself or others with. Pretty cool, and exactly why we do it.



I realized the other day that I started doing ActiveX over a year ago and I realized how much it has affected me and my life. I never used to do anything and I was always that person that paid for a gym membership and never went. Over the last six months, I have completed my first 5K, 10K and Half Marathon! I’m addicted and motivated to set goals for myself and constantly push myself to go farther and do more. It’s great to have people around you that are doing the same thing and you can help feed that in each other. It’s also helped me build some great relationships with my co-workers. It’s been such a great and positive thing in my life and I just wanted to say thanks! I’m hoping to start coming back to ActiveX next week. I’ve been nursing some pretty crazy blisters this week. Time for a new pair of running shoes!






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