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February 23, 2009

Great note from Tracy Tom

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 23, 2009


I had a very eventful Saturday.  Went mountain biking (yes, I actually went on a bike!) through Penasquitos Canyon and then Rock Climbing at Solid Rock that evening.  It was my first time climbing and my friend and her climbing partner were shocked at how well I did.  They had me going on the easy one first and when I got up there like a little monkey, I was banned from going on the easy ones again! =P  Apparently there’s a lot of upper body strength needed to pull your body up.  After a couple of climbs they asked me what my primary form of exercise was and I told them running and ActiveX!  As grueling and tough as those pull ups are, I know that’s what got me through the evening!  Thanks for pushing me to the limits and building my strength! 



That's why we do it, Tracy! Thanks for the affirmation!  



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For time:



21 - 18 - 15, continuous of:



dumbell swings


400 m run



GREAT work by all! Really cool to see the effort today, eveyone went hard, just like it was designed. Thanks!



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