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Nice job today!



Rounds of 20/15/12/10 reps of:




Dumbell Swings

400m Run Padjit, making it look easy






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Great work this morning! 



4 Rounds (all reps completed with 12lb D-Ball/25lb D-Ball)



10 deep squats

10 "good mornings"

10 oblique rockers

10 ballistic presses (press ball from chest above head and throw vertical. don't let it come down on your head or anyone elses)

10 ball slams



400m run



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Building our ActiveX Brand

Posted by ActiveArch Mar 28, 2009


Today was an absolute gorgeous day in San Diego. And not just the weather. While peddling the Litespeed up the 101, I was chatted up not once, not twice, but three times by other cyclists. They had keyed in on my kit, but what they were really interested in was understanding what this  "ActiveX" was all about. Instead of telling, I simply asked them what they had heard.



A brand is simply a perception. A perception by those OUTSIDE the 4 walls of the brand owner. The owner can think of their brand what they want, but it is the consumers perception that matters.



Let's just say the perception of this little jewell we've all worked so hard to create "sparkles". Even though it wasn't my fastest ride up the coast to Carlsbad, it sure left me the most satisfied.



Everyone, thank you so much for allowing ActiveX to happen!









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Great group this morning! Good energy, everybody left spent!



Done continuously:


  • scissors x20 (each leg)

  • lateral scissors x20 (think snow angel making)

  • vertical leg hip raises x20

  • plank hold x30 seconds

  • vertical leg toe reach x10 each side

  • balance crunch x20

  • vertical leg oblique reach x10 each side

  • hollow rocks x 20


2 minute rest



Plank complex: pose position x90 seconds, right side pose x90 seconds, left side pose x90 seconds, leg lift hold x90 seconds



2 minute res



50 x 12/25lb ball slams

50 x 8/20lb Turkish sit ups (just like the Turkish get up, but no "get up")



Thanks to everyone for coming this morning!









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ActiveX - 2.27.09: AbSalute

Posted by ActiveArch Mar 3, 2009


Our first Friday of core-only training. A big hit.



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Thanks to Jesse for the locker room "quote of the day", it insipred the name of this workout! I do find it apporpriate, this one was TOUGH!






Knees to elbows

Squat to press 45/25

plyo push ups

400m run



Nice job today everyone!



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