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ActiveX Training

March 27, 2009


Great group this morning! Good energy, everybody left spent!



Done continuously:


  • scissors x20 (each leg)

  • lateral scissors x20 (think snow angel making)

  • vertical leg hip raises x20

  • plank hold x30 seconds

  • vertical leg toe reach x10 each side

  • balance crunch x20

  • vertical leg oblique reach x10 each side

  • hollow rocks x 20


2 minute rest



Plank complex: pose position x90 seconds, right side pose x90 seconds, left side pose x90 seconds, leg lift hold x90 seconds



2 minute res



50 x 12/25lb ball slams

50 x 8/20lb Turkish sit ups (just like the Turkish get up, but no "get up")



Thanks to everyone for coming this morning!









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