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ActiveX Training

March 28, 2009

Building our ActiveX Brand

Posted by ActiveArch Mar 28, 2009


Today was an absolute gorgeous day in San Diego. And not just the weather. While peddling the Litespeed up the 101, I was chatted up not once, not twice, but three times by other cyclists. They had keyed in on my kit, but what they were really interested in was understanding what this  "ActiveX" was all about. Instead of telling, I simply asked them what they had heard.



A brand is simply a perception. A perception by those OUTSIDE the 4 walls of the brand owner. The owner can think of their brand what they want, but it is the consumers perception that matters.



Let's just say the perception of this little jewell we've all worked so hard to create "sparkles". Even though it wasn't my fastest ride up the coast to Carlsbad, it sure left me the most satisfied.



Everyone, thank you so much for allowing ActiveX to happen!









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