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10 Knees to Elbows

10 Crackheads

10 Turkish Get Ups

10 Wall Ball Chucks

The Stairs



As many rounds as you can for 30 minutes.






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ActiveX - 4.27.09: No Comment

Posted by ActiveArch Apr 27, 2009


Teams of 5, as many rounds as you can for :30



Wall Ball


Ball Slams


200m run (rotate position after runner returns)






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ActiveX welcomed the Lulus back for another go of it. So much for an easy day.



10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of



150m run

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Dumbell Swings

Ball Slams

Box Jumps



Do ten of everything (except the 150), 9, 8, so on and so on...






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Warner Springs Ranch

June 13-14 (one night stay)



Please post all of your questions to this blog post. Thanks!



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What an amazing day for the ActiveX Charity Challenge team. Over 50 participated in the first group training day in Solana Beach. The athletes completed a 3 mile out-and-back run south along the 101 past the DelMar dog beach. After the run, the group was "treated" to the following beach workout:


5 rounds of:

20m monkey walk (on feet and hands)/50m sprint

20m crab walk/50m sprint


5 rounds of:

50m sprint with long jump, followed by 5  max bounds


5 rounds of:

50m sprint, max push ups, 20 (each arm) punches, 20 knee strikes, 20 elbow strikes


50 rounds of:

10m duck walks/5 squats/5 box jumps


1 round of:

jump in the ocean!


A HUGE thank you to everyone for coming!






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Great way to start a Friday! Looking forward to an awesome training weekend with everyone.



Jacked Up Ab Complex


  • too many to list, it was just hard.






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ActiveX, freaky-style today!



Teams of 2


  • 50m "Sled Dogs" with moderate/heavy resistance

  • 60 second back-to-back partner sits

  • 50m medicine ball shuffle/passes

  • 60 second back-to-back partner sits


As many rounds as you can rack up in 30 minutes






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This one was nuts.



50m "Sled Dogs"

50m Medicine Ball shuffle pass

10m wheelbarrows

30-count back to back sits






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ActiveX Lite - 20, 15, 10 of:


  • Burpees

  • SUPs (Stand Up Paddling)

  • Sit Ups

  • 400m run


ActiveX - Rotate on the completion of 10 Pull Ups


  • Pull Ups (10)

  • SUPs

  • Dumbell Swings

  • Sit Ups








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ActiveX - 04.10.09: The Tracy

Posted by ActiveArch Apr 10, 2009


A big ActiveX "see you later" to our friend Tracy Tom! Tracy was instrumental in the digging of the trail, pushing Dennis, and developing new dismounts for the pull up bars. We will miss her fierce competitiveness and work ethic. See you around, friend.



Great big, nasty group today! Many of us were freshly "Lulu'd" from yoga last night, a great event put on by some really fun people.


  • "The Laird" x 10 reps

  • Weighted sit up to stand x 10

  • Weighted straight leg sit up x 10

  • Weighted vertical hip raise x 10

  • Wood choppers with d-ball x 10 each side

  • Side bends with d-ball x 10 each side

  • 200m oblique twist d-ball throws, alternate sides, down and back

  • "The Laird" x 10 reps


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A big ActiveX welcome to all the new faces from BlueBear!



A new twist on an old favorite! 1 mile (1/2 mile down hill, 1/2 up hill) of:



2 minutes lunging

5 push ups

2 minutes running

5 push ups



repeat until finished!






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Fun morning of pushing, pulling, and sitting up. 30 minutes of 200m D-Ball tosses, 10 body rows, and 20 sit ups. Thanks to Jeremy, Anusheh, John, Liz, Cathleen, and Andrea for coming!






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Big welcome to all of the newbies today! You got your ActiveX life started with a good one...



Teams of 4, rotating on the run finish, with a team total of 400 wall balls:



400m Run

Wall Ball until the runner returns

Sit Ups

Squat and Hold



Rotate in this order above, trying to simulate the bike to run in a triathlon (heavy legs!) Great job today, even better weather!



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Teams of 2



200 wall balls (12/20)

Jump Rope

Sit Ups



One person wall balls until they can't anymore while the other jumps rope. Switch. Switch again, but do sit ups instead of jump rope. Continue until you get to 200 total!



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Massive group today! So great seeing everyone out this morning, misery LOVES company.





The "Laird" set

:60 Plank Complex

Medicine Ball Complex

The "Laird" set



Great work, have an awesome training weekend! 



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Huge group on this awesome SoCal day! Big thanks to the ladies of Lululemon for stopping by and see what we're all about. Should be the beginning of a great relationship!



7 zones, 20 seconds on, 10 second off for 8 rounds, 2 minute rest between zones:


  • Knees to Elbows

  • Tire Hops

  • Ball Slams (12lb/25lb)

  • Farmer Walks (50lb/90lb)

  • Bicycle Abs

  • Medicine Ball Launches (12/25)

  • Burpees


Thanks for coming everyone, see you Friday morning!

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