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ActiveX Training

April 19, 2009


What an amazing day for the ActiveX Charity Challenge team. Over 50 participated in the first group training day in Solana Beach. The athletes completed a 3 mile out-and-back run south along the 101 past the DelMar dog beach. After the run, the group was "treated" to the following beach workout:


5 rounds of:

20m monkey walk (on feet and hands)/50m sprint

20m crab walk/50m sprint


5 rounds of:

50m sprint with long jump, followed by 5  max bounds


5 rounds of:

50m sprint, max push ups, 20 (each arm) punches, 20 knee strikes, 20 elbow strikes


50 rounds of:

10m duck walks/5 squats/5 box jumps


1 round of:

jump in the ocean!


A HUGE thank you to everyone for coming!






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