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Girl Gone Wild

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 29, 2009


What a difference a year makes. ActiveXer Alison Inglese is now an endurace athlete, among other things. I want to share a note from Alison, for all to enjoy, and to motivate yourself or others with. Pretty cool, and exactly why we do it.



I realized the other day that I started doing ActiveX over a year ago and I realized how much it has affected me and my life. I never used to do anything and I was always that person that paid for a gym membership and never went. Over the last six months, I have completed my first 5K, 10K and Half Marathon! I’m addicted and motivated to set goals for myself and constantly push myself to go farther and do more. It’s great to have people around you that are doing the same thing and you can help feed that in each other. It’s also helped me build some great relationships with my co-workers. It’s been such a great and positive thing in my life and I just wanted to say thanks! I’m hoping to start coming back to ActiveX next week. I’ve been nursing some pretty crazy blisters this week. Time for a new pair of running shoes!






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ActiveX - 1.26.08: The Cankle

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 26, 2009


Thanks to everyone that made it out today!



10 pull ups

10 push ups

10 knees to elbows

10 dumbell swings

400 run



As many rounds as you can do for 30 minutes.



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Fun little group this morning! Thanks for braving the "weather".



400 m run

10 burpees

15 body rows

20 wall balls

25 push ups



As many rounds as you can do in 30 minutes!






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Teams of two, as many rounds as you can do in 30 minutes:



10/10 pullups

10/10 plyo pushups

20/20 ab throws

10/10 medicine ball throws/catches

200m run/jump rope



A couple of newbies made this their first one...don't pass judgement off of one, and don't pass up the Advil. Its get's better with time.   



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ActiveX - 1.19.09: Tabata

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 20, 2009


Tabata intervals: 20sec "on", 10sec "off" for 8 rounds, 1 minute rest between stations of 8:



medicine ball hops

push ups

cone to cone shuffle

scissor abs

tire jumps

happy feet

wall sits

plank holds



I love it when I see you counting the time in your head and I add 2 or 3 seconds and you get that royally ****** off look on your face!



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30 minutes of:



15 hollowrocks

15 medicine ball push ups

15 second "L" sits

15 dumbell swings







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Nice work today. My arms are 2" longer.



Teams of 5



1-legged wall sit


medicine ball crunches

double unders

farmer walk with either 2 x 45lb plates or 2 x 25lb dumbells



teams rotate on the completion of the out and back of the farmer walker



33 minutes (Tracy)



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400m warm up w/ stretch



30 minutes of:



8 dips

8 squat to press with medicine balls

plyo complex with 8" rope

400m run



800m cool down



Thanks to everyone for training this morning!



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Brutal. 30 mintues of hot, dry, "fun".





10 knees to elblows

10 wall balls

25m bound complex over 8" rope

400m run


Repeat for 30 minutes







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ActiveX Lite: 01.12.08

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 12, 2009


Great work by everyone today! A couple of new signatures on the wall!



30 minutes of:



10 wall ball crunches

15 tire hops

7 assisted pull ups

Stairs up

60 jump rope

Stairs down



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Ahhh...the Solana Beach stairs again, for 30 minutes. New twist because of the high tide: wall sits for :30 seconds when you get to the top. Thanks to everyone for getting up!

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Good work today!  A few new faces, a few old friends finding their way back. Great to see everyone, thanks for coming!



Teams of 2, continue for 30 mintues, reps are total per team:



20 pull ups

20 ab throwdowns (20 per person)

20 wall ball shots

20 Turkish get ups

20 double unders





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Ice Crystal

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 7, 2009


And you think it is cold here in the morning? ActiveXer Crystal Barnes recently returned for a extended trip to Antartica! She braved the absolutely frigid cold, one of the nastiest ocean swells there is, and lots of penguins! You can see her amazing photos here:



And yet another great trip for the ActiveX hoodie! What's next? Crystal, awesome adventure.






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Great Article / Motivation

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 7, 2009


Great article compliments of Jamie Williams. Awesome stuff, and a big part of why we do what we do.



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Air Burt, Mountain Man

Posted by ActiveArch Jan 6, 2009


ActiveXer Burt Repine just got back from summiting 23,000 ft. Aconcagua in Argentina! An absolutely amazing adventure, one that takes months of preparation, is extremely gear intensive, not to mention costly, both financially and potentially physically. Huge congratulations to Burt pushing himself to do something extraordinary! By the way...Burt comes from pretty good stock. His mom has won her age group in Kona multiple times, and has competed in 14 Ironman-distace races, and is still getting after it, at 60. Awesome.



Burt will be posting a "race report" soon with additional photos. Burt, awesome man, awesome.



Unfortunately, Burt washed the stink out of the ActiveX hoody after the trip, so whomever has it next gets a fresh start.






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Congratulations to ActiveXer Jesse and his recent engagement to Emmy. After a brief scavenger hunt that led to Jessie's pants pocket, the ring was found, and believe it or not, she said "yes?".


Congrats, Jesse!







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Great to see everyone today! It's good to be back.



30 minutes of:



400m run

43 push ups

43 knees to elbows

43 tire hops

43 stationary lunges

43 prone to leg twists






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