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ActiveX - 10.30.09: Scary-good Core Workout

Posted by ActiveArch on Oct 30, 2009 8:24:34 AM

Frigid temperatures didn't scare away the ActiveX crew this morning. A spooky core set was brewed in a bubbling cauldron, and consumed by all. Ingredients were:


  • Medicine ball BIG circles, 10 times, both directions
  • Slow, medicine ball wood chops, 10 times, both sides
  • Medicine ball mountain-climbers with hip rotation, 10 times, both sides
  • Crunch with straight-arm medicine ball over head, 10 times, each leg
  • Medicine ball Mason twist with press, 10 times
  • Elevated plank with hip raise, 10 times, both sides


Repeat by 1/2 numeber of reps. Enjoy!

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