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Teams of two, contiune for :30



tractor pulls up parking garage ramp,  (wrap band around shoulders, partner holds other end, run)

45/25 lb held overhead while running 100 m. Come back push 25/12 lb medicine ball



Mush! Mush!



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Great note from Tracy Tom

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 23, 2009


I had a very eventful Saturday.  Went mountain biking (yes, I actually went on a bike!) through Penasquitos Canyon and then Rock Climbing at Solid Rock that evening.  It was my first time climbing and my friend and her climbing partner were shocked at how well I did.  They had me going on the easy one first and when I got up there like a little monkey, I was banned from going on the easy ones again! =P  Apparently there’s a lot of upper body strength needed to pull your body up.  After a couple of climbs they asked me what my primary form of exercise was and I told them running and ActiveX!  As grueling and tough as those pull ups are, I know that’s what got me through the evening!  Thanks for pushing me to the limits and building my strength! 



That's why we do it, Tracy! Thanks for the affirmation!  



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For time:



21 - 18 - 15, continuous of:



dumbell swings


400 m run



GREAT work by all! Really cool to see the effort today, eveyone went hard, just like it was designed. Thanks!



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ActiveX - 02.18.09: Effective

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 18, 2009


25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps of:



push up

pull up

ab twists with medicine ball

crunch with medicine ball

hindu squat

tuck jump






Gonna feel that one...



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ActiveX - 02.16.09: Mush!

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 16, 2009


Strenght band complex:

- curls: 3 x 1 minute on, 20 seconds off

- rows: 3 x 1 minute on, 20 seconds off

- tricep extensions: 3 x 1 minute on, 20 seconds off



Dog Sleds (strength band around shoulder, partner holds other end, run 100m up incline) 3 x 100m, all out






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ActiveX - 02.13.09: The Laird

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 13, 2009


5 x 1 minute on, 10 seconds off - walking lunge with high knee lift

3 x 1 minute on, 10 seconds off - lateral walking lunge (speed-skaters)



3 x 40 reps - hindu squats



20 reps - scissor kick abs

20 reps - split leg abs

20 reps - "L" sit abs with alternating toe touch

20 reps - "L" sit w/hip raise

20 reps - "L" sit with lateral reach

3 x 30 sec plank hold

20 reps - basic crunch

40 reps - bicycle abs w/ elbow touch






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The only reason I post this photo is because you can't see their face...this one going to be a good one! Keep it "clean".

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So long, friend.



Teams of 6:



20 Wall balls (teams rotate upon completion)

Push up to plank

Tire hops

Thrusters (10/20lb, except for big Sean)

Plyo squats

Bar flys (hang from pull ups bar)






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Info to come. Comment if you are in.

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Unlike winter, it's gone until March. Thought we'd just get RR out of the way early this time. Sorry I couldn't be there to enjoy it with you. Unlike Jared.





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