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ActiveX Training

September 2009

ActiveX - 09.16.09: AYFKM?

Posted by ActiveArch Sep 16, 2009

Random-picked teams of two pushing a 12/25lb medicine ball up a dirt, 1/4 mile, 35 degree incline hill. Twice. Why? Why not?

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ActiveX - 09.14.09: 300 Plus

Posted by ActiveArch Sep 14, 2009


800m run

25 pull ups

50 dead lifts

50 box jumps

50 floor wipers

50 single arm clean to press

50 push ups

25 pull ups

800m run






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As many rounds as you can do in 30 minutes of:



30 push ups

60 medicine ball chest pass (to partner, total)

20 second "L" hold on pull up bar, reverse grip (ellbow angle should be at 90 degrees)

20 DBall max curl tosses

20 weighted plank rows, alternating arms

30 kettle bell curls, alternating arms



Make arrangements for your significant other or roommate to wash your hair foryou tomorrow, 'cause you won't be lifting your arms!



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1/4 mile of burpees to max broad jump, deep sand.






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30 minutes of:



10 "Rocky Balboas" (toss heavy rope over pull up bar, tie a 35lb kettlebell to one end, pull!)

20 Push Ups

10 Tire Hops

20 Kettlebell Swings

10  Overhead DBall Squats

20 Turkish Sit Ups



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