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Great way to work off a dinner at C Level.



4 Rounds:



Run 400m [through parking garage, down the parking lot you are running to Lusk, left turn at the front of the building, around the building, in front of Come On In, down the parking lot back to the XBox



Out and back lunges parking lines down, 15 back



25 Push Ups



90 Count Wall Sits



30 Wheelbarrow Steps partner, or, 40 bear crawls



50 Squats






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ActiveX - Edward Scissorabs

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 6, 2008

Tough day of 5 rounds:

400 run

100 lunges

50 scissor kick abs,2,3,4 = 1

30 push ups


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ActiveX - The Slump Buster

Posted by ActiveArch Feb 4, 2008

Once we got the tennis court cleaned off, we had a great workout. Beautiful, sunny winter day in SoCal.


Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: Complete as many rounds as possible in allotted time of - 5 burpees, 5 hand stands, and 5 legit sit ups.


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