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ActiveX Training

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The first ActiveX of 2010. Thanks to everyone for playing today!

10 reps of the following, continue for 30 minutes:

1. Standard Push Up
2. Standard Pull Up
3. Military Push Up
4. Reverse Grip Pull Up
5. Wide Fly Push Up
6. Close Grip Pull Up
7. Tricep Rows
8. Diamond Push Ups
9. Lawnmowers
10. Divebomber Push Ups



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First ActiveX Lite of the year! 30 minutes of the following:

Side Lunge/Squat x 12
Push Up (on toes)/Sit Up x 12 each
Shoulder Press/Curl x 12 each
Plyo Bound/Ball Slam x 12
Pull Ups (with band) x 12


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Awesome turnout today for Joe Decker, "The Worlds Fittest Man". Big thanks for everyone making it out!


Teams of 7:


Wall Ball, 10 reps
Pop Ups
Runner Stance Squat Jump Switch
Swimmers Press
Ball Slams
Knees to Elbows


Switch after teammate on wall ball finishes their 10 reps.

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Jordan Hollenbeck, an account executive for ActiveResortSolutions, recently returned from his trip to Ethiopia. The appreciation Jordan shared with me from everyone he worked with/provided clothing to, was tremendous. All, we did a really good thing for these kids and adults alike. THAT's ActiveX, we're all about making changes.







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Most fun ever.


10 Burpee to Pull Up

10 Turkish Get Ups

400 Run, Backwards


As many grounds as you can do in 30 mintues.

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Frigid temperatures didn't scare away the ActiveX crew this morning. A spooky core set was brewed in a bubbling cauldron, and consumed by all. Ingredients were:


  • Medicine ball BIG circles, 10 times, both directions
  • Slow, medicine ball wood chops, 10 times, both sides
  • Medicine ball mountain-climbers with hip rotation, 10 times, both sides
  • Crunch with straight-arm medicine ball over head, 10 times, each leg
  • Medicine ball Mason twist with press, 10 times
  • Elevated plank with hip raise, 10 times, both sides


Repeat by 1/2 numeber of reps. Enjoy!

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ActiveX - 09.16.09: AYFKM?

Posted by ActiveArch Sep 16, 2009

Random-picked teams of two pushing a 12/25lb medicine ball up a dirt, 1/4 mile, 35 degree incline hill. Twice. Why? Why not?

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ActiveX - 09.14.09: 300 Plus

Posted by ActiveArch Sep 14, 2009


800m run

25 pull ups

50 dead lifts

50 box jumps

50 floor wipers

50 single arm clean to press

50 push ups

25 pull ups

800m run






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As many rounds as you can do in 30 minutes of:



30 push ups

60 medicine ball chest pass (to partner, total)

20 second "L" hold on pull up bar, reverse grip (ellbow angle should be at 90 degrees)

20 DBall max curl tosses

20 weighted plank rows, alternating arms

30 kettle bell curls, alternating arms



Make arrangements for your significant other or roommate to wash your hair foryou tomorrow, 'cause you won't be lifting your arms!



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1/4 mile of burpees to max broad jump, deep sand.






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30 minutes of:



10 "Rocky Balboas" (toss heavy rope over pull up bar, tie a 35lb kettlebell to one end, pull!)

20 Push Ups

10 Tire Hops

20 Kettlebell Swings

10  Overhead DBall Squats

20 Turkish Sit Ups



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ActiveX  - 08.12.09

Posted by ActiveArch Aug 12, 2009

ActiveX Lite " Squirrel Soup" – 30 minutes of:



10 R/L Kettelbell swings

10 R/L Kettelbell cleans to press

100m walk/run w/12/25lb med ball overhead

100m "Fetch" w 12/25lb med ball (push ball from chest, chase, full squat to ball, lift and push, repeat)

100 jump ropes with 5 double unders (two rope rotations per jump)








ActiveX "Bells of St. Active" – 30 minutes of:




10 R/L Kettelbell cleans to press

10 Rside/Lside Medicine Ball "Lumberjacks"

10 Kettelbell sumo deadlifts

8 pull ups

400m "Pipe Bombs" (with partner, run a 400 playing catch with an 2/5/8lb dumbell, switching sides at the 200m point)







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ActiveX AbslteBgnrs - Day 2

Posted by ActiveArch Aug 12, 2009

20 minute walk "with a purpose" (or light run)

30 squats

15 push ups

15 pull ups

15 R/L lunges

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ActiveX AbslteBgnrs - Day 1

Posted by ActiveArch Aug 12, 2009


Form: squat, push up, pull up, lunge



3x10 squat



3x10 push up



3x5 assisted pull up



3x10RL lunge






RL = Right/Left

Assisted = use of 75lb resistance band



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ActiveX "Absolute Beginners"

Posted by ActiveArch Aug 12, 2009


We're excited to announce the addition of ActiveX Absolute Beginners! The purpose of AXAB is to provide a monthly introduction to ActiveX and start to build an initial base of fitness. Our foucs will be on learning good form, get the body used to the new loads/demands that is being put on it, and start having some fun at the XBox!



I will post the workouts for ActiveX Absolute Beginners after every session for those that want to follow online. Good luck!






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