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ActiveX Training

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Is that IV as in 4, or IV as in "I NEED AN IV!!"? Always a good one, but glad to get it over with for this month. Thanks for playing.


Trail of Tears

2.5 mile down "Super Beast", up "Super 'Squiotos", back down "Super 'Squitos, and back up "Super Beast", doing 10 push ups on the 2 minute, facing the direction you are running.



Oh yeah, after you get back, 4x2:00 wall sit, 2:00 recovery between each rep. 






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Thanks to all for making it out this morning. A great group showed up, 25+, and it was well worth it. Perfect morning.



30 minutes of:



130 stairs up / 130 stairs down

20 push ups in the sand



Recover with beach walk back to Fletcher Cove



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ActiveX: 12.03.08

Posted by ActiveArch Dec 3, 2008


Hand stand push ups! The crew is getting jacked!



35 minutes of:



200 run (100 run/100 run backwards)

8 knees to elbows

8 dumbell swings

4 hand stand push ups



Way to go, Maile! She went from "I CAN'T do a handstand" to doing them unassisted in less than 5 trys, although she drop kicked Rob in the process. Nice work.



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Progress is sexy, and the Lite group is looking good!



30 Minutes of:



200m run (run down, run back, backwards)

5 walkouts

10 push ups

10 sit ups

45 second wall sits



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Good first day back, great to see everyone!



30 minutes of:



400m run

20 wall balls

10 pull ups

20 double-unders

20 sit ups



Everyone seems to adjusting nicely to the "boyfriend" bands. Some creative ways of mounting them, for sure. No recoil injuries as of yet!



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Xers - I give great thanx for your participation, your friendship, your sense of "adventure", your hard work, determination, and tenacity. You are a fun part of my life, and I thank you graciously for that, even though sometimes you think I hate you with the types of workouts I come up with.



Have a great holiday!



Teams of 6:



12 Burpees (rotate on team members completion)

Weighted Oblique Rotations (12/20)

Double Unders

Thrusters (10/25)

Tuck Jumps

Knees to Elbows



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ActiveX - 11.2408: Helena

Posted by ActiveArch Nov 24, 2008


Our first workout with the new pull up bars!



4 Rounds of:



run 400m

10 pull ups

20 dumbell swings



Might want to hit the Advil tonight...



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Our first run was awesome. The weather was perfect, patches of really cold, fog, scat, it was great. EPIC creek crossing, climbing across the rocks, like Silvio said, "I feel like Indiana Jones!".



Look forward to seeing more of us next time!




Christy Fuston, Michael Reade (get your hand off my wife's bum), Ashley Paschall, Silvio Frison, Greg Lopez, Brian Pavin, Heidi Achenbach 



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ActiveX - 11.19.08: Beat It

Posted by ActiveArch Nov 19, 2008


THAT was a fun one!



Teams of 5, 40 minutes of:





  • Cone to cone to cone medicine ball chucks

  • jump rope

  • plank

  • tire hops

  • wall sits



Internval is team member doing the medicine ball chucks. Rotate in order above (wall sits go to medicine ball chucks)









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Moved underground because of the "heat".



30 minutes of:



30 push ups

30 sit ups

30 sumo squats

300 run with 30 stairs up, 30 stairs down






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ActiveX Lite: 11.17.08

Posted by ActiveArch Nov 17, 2008


Great work by alll the "Lite" athletes this morning!



400 trail run

5 sumo deadlifts

5 thrusters

10 push ups

10 sit ups

50 jump rope



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For "Quantum of Solace", the new 007 movie opening tonight!






Road Rage - 2 mile run with 007 push ups on the minute



ActiveX Lite:



007 push ups

007 knees to elbows

007 inverted shoulder presses

070 jump ropes

400 run






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40 Minutes of:



10 tire flips

10 wall balls

20 push ups

20 sit ups

40 jump ropes

400 run



Get progressively faster per round. Wash hands afterwards, those tires are nasty.






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30 minutes of:


200m run

25 situps

25 squat to press w/weight

25 pushups


Negative split each round, just for fun.





<embed src="" width="400" height="335" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>












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Nice work this morning! Biggest group yet.



30 minutes of:



200m run/walk with purpose

15 sit ups

10 squat to press with weight (12lb/20lb)

5 push ups



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