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ActiveX Training

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I'm not picking on the girls, but dang, this one is HILARIOUS. Fire away!






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Everyone looked good for the camera this morning! Thanks for coming as always.



ActiveX- 40 minutes of:



400m run

10 mustang burpees

20 medicine ball oblique twists

Cone to cone wheelbarrow with partner

30 second hand stands



ActiveX Lite - 30 minutes of:



400m run/walk with purpose

10x4-count scissor abs

10 prone to stand up

30-count wall sits



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The international sign for choaking in hands around the throat. Pretty much what everyone wanted to do to me today.



3 rounds of:



10 Turkish Getups (total)

10 Wall Ball tosses

40 Hollowrocks



Run 400 meter



20 Body Rows

20 Plyo Push Ups



Run 400 meters BACKWARDS






That one almost made me yak.



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ActiveX Lite: 11.05.08

Posted by ActiveArch Nov 5, 2008


A great group this morning! Thanks to all for making it this morning.



30 minutes of:



Dimensional lunges (x3) - Lunge to side, 45, straight, opposite leg straight, 45, side

10 full extension sit ups



Walk with a purpose/Run to tennis courts



5 Body Rows

10 Plyo-push ups



Walk with a purpose/Run to tennis courts back









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As many rounds as you can do of quick and dirty :30 minutes:



400m run

15 push ups

60 second plank

90 second wall sit

20 dumbbell swings









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An intrepid group of 15 braved the freak San Diego winter storm and began their ActiveX journey. The first day is always the toughest...wait, maybe the second day...either way, they showed up and worked hard!



:30 minutes continuous circuit of:



400m walk with a purpose or run

5 push ups

15-count plank

20 squats

30-count jump rope






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1 mile run for time

100 push ups

150 sit ups

200 squats

1 mile run for time








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50 "hollowrocks"

Lunge for a really long time (600+ worth)

50 ab throws with partner



Complaining about how sore your butt is: Priceless.



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4 rounds of pushing and pulling:


Medicine ball tosses to cone

Run back with ball over head




Run to pullup bar (200)

40 pullups




Run back (200)[]



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The crew heads to the sand for a little Archi-Ball, cousin to Hoover Ball. No broken noses.


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Dang. Way to stick with it. That was brutal, so Friday we'll chill a bit. 



Workout #1: "Follow Me" down Trail of Tears, over to "the Beast", squatting at the top until the last person ascends, run back.



Workout #2: 4 rounds, 25 dumbell swings, 40 sit ups, 400 run, 25 pull ups, 25 plyo push ups



Great work everyone!



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Caption Contest #1

Posted by ActiveArch Oct 21, 2008


The winner of our first "caption contest" will receive a free ActiveX print on a tee shirt / sweat shirt you provide.



Our first subject is our friend Sarah Moosbrugger. She's getting ready for the New York Marathon, hence her absence from ActiveX. Let her have it with the best caption you can come up with for this epic photo!






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All - see our community page for a link to the photos shoot with Steve Simpson!






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Thanks for the name, Jenn.



Teams of 4; 40 minutes of as many rounds you can complete of:



8 "Plankensteins"

8 Push Presses

8 Weighted Squats

8 Push Ups



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Teams of 5


Trail Run

Sit Ups

Turkish Get Ups

Stair Runs

Wall Ball


Each team to complete 400 total wall balls. Rotate stations when your runner returns.


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