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Fever Blisters

Posted by JesseLove Oct 18, 2010

The  debate on exactly how to deal with fever blisters has been for around  for several centuries, this is a variant of the herpes simplex virus. The ancient Greeks and Romans had issues with herpes.And No Herpes was not a greek god but the virus which was around during the ancient times.

Now what are fever blisters exactly ? Firstly the fever blisters viruses are known as a cold sores or oral herpes (this is a sexually   transmitted disease there for it is considered an STD). The most   common area on the body for the fever blisters is on the lips or around  the mouth.

Fever blisters are highly contagious and when in the blistering state, be sure and stay well anyone that does not have it. And its not good idea to share eating utensils (like a fork or spoon) even food while you or the person has an outbreak. Since there is no cure known for the fever  blisters the best prevention is abstinence. An outbreak can last the 2 -  12 days but it can be controlled.

What are the symptoms? Some get a tingling sensation around the mouth  area. Some people feel an itch where the fever blister is going to  appear. This is the moment to act. The cleansing of the area and to  prepare it can often reduce the cold sore blister phase.

What  you can you do about it? In the first signs of the blister whatever you do not  scratch it. You can use a cloth and a soap with warm water in order to clean up the area, DO NOT leave the cloth around. Toss  it directly in the washer. Later on you would have to apply a lip balm  be sure to use the type where you apply with your fingers as the stick  lip balm can keep re-infecting you.

Some cold sore home remedies around the house of the cold sores are pressing  salt into the area, this causes a great deal of pain and I wouldn’t  suggest doing this at all. Another more common solution is using a hot  tea bag and pressing that on the effected area. The only trouble is it  needs to be hot and its how ever long you can stand it.. A word of  warning there!

Witch  Hazel oil works great too you should apply with a cotton pad, this  stings a tip but it has some curative qualities. Its the same as using  benzilic alcohol which cleans up the area. A problem is finding the  Witch Hazel you can find it at any health food store or if you are lucky  a pharmacy. Over The Counter or OTC type drugs which Abreva for the  cold sores gets some results,  but also it can have some secondary side  effects. Since every person is different would have to ask the opinion  from your doctor!

Discover how to get rid of colds sores fast

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Some  have asked about urine therapy information. Is there side effects? Does  it taste bad? How can you even think about doing it? It isn’t proven at  all to work or help you! Even urine therapy for weight loss?


To  all the disbelievers there are a lot more  disgusting things ingested on a daily basis more so than your own urine.  If you think that you’re safe eating vegetables, think again! Who really  knows what is in their food or drink, if it is grown in a open field  then there is the risk of everything from wildlife to workers urinating  around and in between your rows of vegetables. Remember not all farms regularly supply port-a-potties.... For green houses there are major  health violations made against green houses everything from unsanitary  conditions to pesticides spread on the inside the green house itself.


And why would doctors or  researchers do any sort of research on urine therapy, first its not a popular  topic. And also how can they financially benefit from something that  you yourself produce. No money to be made in products sales either.


When this practice first start, some state that in ancient India the practice of amaroli was  first introduced. Urine therapy has been known to cure such skin related  disorders as acne, athletes foot, even a callus remedy. Other’s claim  it has some cancer fighting qualities but there is no tangible evidence  to prove it or not.


The  practice of Urine Therapy is as easy as getting a plastic cup and in  mid stream first thing in the morning (The best time) capture some urine. Many will add  orange juice or even lemon, or juice in general to the urine to make it  more palatable. Don't let it cool too much. 


What  this does is, it creates a flu like symptom which alerts your bodies to produce more anti-bodies in other words it amplify your body’s immune system there for attacking the  foreign object. Much like a flu shot does which introduces the virus  into your body there for giving your system a fighting chance.


You do not need much urine to perform this, a little will do and once a day if possible is the best amount to do.


More research is needed but taking this ancient remedy seriously is the first step. Yes its not for everyone. But think of the alternatives being sick in a hospital when you are creating a possible prevention method daily.


Re-post permission from Urine Therapy - Exploration into Urine therapy.

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How to get rid of cold sores fast? And are cold sores contagious?  Questions that a lot of people who are effected by this health problem wonder about.


Cold Sores (aka Fever blisters) are highly contagious. In their dormant state can be for months, then a outbreak occurs which lasts from two to twelve days. Then back into remission again. But one of several things can trigger an outbreak. Such methods like using a alcohol based mouth wash to dry out the affected area which apparently promotes the healing process, tea bags are used but you need witch hazel for that to work. A more painful (and not recommended method) is grinding salt into the area with a spoon or finger.


OTC (over the counter) medicines can speed up the process but still there is no cure, when a outbreak hits you be sure to limit your exposure to other people. No skin to skin contact that means no kissing as it mostly effects the mouth and lips area. Toss that toothbrush after your outbreak is done because it can actually keep re-infecting you over and over.


Some tips are don’t share eating utensils or meals with anyone, be sure to wash your hands frequently. Get hand sanitizers. More steps you can take to stop the blistering is to take vitamin C and get plenty of rest. Try to avoid stress as that can cause a break out. Foods to avoid are dairy foods, meat and nuts as they contain amino acids which can cause flare ups. Also citrus foods can irritate the blister when you have a outbreak.


These little steps can help you with your outbreak and live a more normal life by taking control of the outbreaks.


For more information on cold sores and what you can do visit How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast

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