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It seems like just the other week that running 5 or 6 miles would not be hard.  To my frustration and surprise, after running this morning, it was hard!!!  It's only been a few weeks post-marathon and while I haven't been outside running, I have been working out at the gym.  Guess I'm using different muscles, because I huffed and puffed my way through 5.4 miles today.  I realize this is when I am supposed to enjoy some down time, recovering after the marathon, but holy cow, the fact that I feel as though I have lost my speed in a few weeks is incredible!  I am signed up to do the White Rock 1/2 marathon in Dallas next weekend so we'll see how that goes.  I'm going to try to get in 9 this weekend.  More than anything, I need to probably lace up my shoes and get back outside.  Even in the cold weather, workouts must go on!  (sigh)  Any motivational tips for running in cold weather?

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Beth Wise

Beth Wise

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I am starting a blog to share about my experiences in life, in training and how they work hand in hand. I have run 9 marathons, qualified for Boston once, been injured more times than I care to count and am trying to maintain a decent social life!

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