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Setting Goals

Posted by Active Belle on Nov 26, 2007 9:07:00 AM

I tried to come up with specific race day goals. But I don't have much race experience and I don't have anything to base my goals on. So...I picked times that I thought sounded eight minute mile? I would love to run an eight-minute mile!


Gale says this is not a healthy way to approach goal setting as, more than likely, the trainee will not be setting realistic goals. So we decided to start at the beginning. She set me up with a 12-week base training plan that will lead into a 12-week triathlon training plan. This will give me a chance to 1) build my endurance and 2) get used to building workouts into my everyday.


Once I get a better idea of what my times actually are, then I can decide what to push for during the race.

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Active Belle

Active Belle

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