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Max Heart Rate

Posted by Active Belle Dec 18, 2007



I just got a new training toy--a Timex digital transmission heart rate monitor. Although it already defaults to a maximum heart rate of 165, the directions suggest I determine what my maximum heart rate really is and set it to that.


What is the best way to determine my max heart rate?






follow up: I just remembered that a few weeks ago you directed me to several introductory documents, one of which covers the topic of training intensity. I will read that and see if I still have any questions.

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Weekend Report

Posted by Active Belle Dec 18, 2007

I was in the Santa Cruz mountains this past weekend visiting my boyfriend. He lives across the street from an open space preserve with lots of great trails so we went for a trail run instead of doing the shorter run I was supposed to do.


I was supposed to do a timed 1-mile run on a flat course at heart rate 9-11 beats below my lactate threshold heart rate. Gale, What does that mean and can/should I still work this in.


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