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Posted by Active Belle Jan 25, 2008

I got in the pool and made up my swim workout that I wimped out on yesterday! Granted it was like 70 and sunny so it wasn't that hard to motivate. 

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Cold Weather Wimp

Posted by Active Belle Jan 24, 2008


In the 50s and cloudy would be a fine day for a swim in most cold-weather places, but southern California has spoiled me and I was too wimpy to swim today. I chose to sit here in front of my computer and drink hot tea instead. 



In case you couldn't tell from my Cayman Workout, my new year's resolutionto complete all my January workoutsis not working out too well. I can't seem to tackle all the sports at once. in the beginning I felt like my run was suffering as I missed a few key run workouts. Now that running is getting easier, I feel like I am missing too many swim workouts.



I can feel an overall improvement in my fitness and endurance, however, and that has me motivated and feeling positive about my progress.  



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Running with Numbers

Posted by Active Belle Jan 21, 2008

A lot of my runs so far were supposed to have been low intensity and in zone 1 but I am having a really hard time running in zone 1. I thought I calculated my lactate threshold to be around 174, so zone 1 would be under 147 HR.  This past weekend I went on a 6-mile run and it took one hour. 10-minute miles is pretty slow but my heart rate was still high. For the first 30 minutes my HR was consistently between 154 and 165. The slightest hill made it go up into the 170s and 180s and in the last half hour I could not get it under 170. I was winded however as long as I was not running a hill (or recovering from a hill) I could still talk. My boyfriend's HR was around 150 the whole time.


My questions are:


1) Is it really possible to run in zone 1 and am I doing something wrong?


2) is it normal for women to have a higher HR than men?


3) am I too concerned with the numbers? ?:|

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A Grand Cayman Workout

Posted by Active Belle Jan 14, 2008

Observing the drinking habits of Irish Midwesterners is a workout in-and-of itself. Luckily I did not try to keep their pace, but sought a happy median between meager exercise and relaxing island time. When 50 people from the same family/friend network are gathered together on an island you tend to slow down a little bit. Although only one of my workouts was probably in line with my program, I did stay (slightly) active in addition to all the drinking and lounging. 


We arrived on Wednesday with just enough time for a night cap. Thursday we packed our bags and headed about 4 miles north on foot to Lacovia, where we stayed the rest of the time. We made it a point not to get in a car that first day on the Island which meant we also walked the mile to and from the rehearsal dinner. On our morning trek we made a friend:




Friday we woke up early (9:30) and ran (dragged our feet) on the beach. For some reasonthe heat, humidity, alcohol???we were sluggish and that mere 20  minutes seemed to last an eternity. Josh actually asked how long we had been running only 2 minutes in.




Saturday we went snorkeling, which doesn't require that much exertion but I was technically swimming  and my heart rate did go up when we got to stingray city.




Sunday was wedding day but we did manage to squeeze in a tennis match prior to pina coladas and wine.



Today was another travel day but I am looking forward to my swim workout tomorrow--sans snorkel mask and hangover.

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I was 50 minutes into my run today, with 20 minutes to still go. I was feeling really tired and with the rolling streets around here, my breathing was labored although I was going pretty slow. As I was coming up one of the familiar streets leading back toward my neighborhood I passed a guy carrying a gym bag and wearing sweats. He smiled and said, "all right! I had my run this morning."


It is nice to be reminded that other people are right there with you. That small reaction was enough to cheer me on, make me feel proud for being out there, and give me the boost of energy I needed to finish the run.


And more than my fan on the street today, I have a number of you who have posted on my blog with your own goals and words of encouragement, so I want to say thanks for the support and good luck out there!

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Supplemental Events

Posted by Active Belle Jan 2, 2008

As the new year gets under way I have been tempted by a few races that friends are signing up for. How do I know where I can fit shorter running and biking races into my training plan leading up to the main Wildflower event?

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