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A Few Words of Encouragement Go a Long Way

Posted by Active Belle on Jan 5, 2008 2:31:43 PM

I was 50 minutes into my run today, with 20 minutes to still go. I was feeling really tired and with the rolling streets around here, my breathing was labored although I was going pretty slow. As I was coming up one of the familiar streets leading back toward my neighborhood I passed a guy carrying a gym bag and wearing sweats. He smiled and said, "all right! I had my run this morning."


It is nice to be reminded that other people are right there with you. That small reaction was enough to cheer me on, make me feel proud for being out there, and give me the boost of energy I needed to finish the run.


And more than my fan on the street today, I have a number of you who have posted on my blog with your own goals and words of encouragement, so I want to say thanks for the support and good luck out there!

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