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Running with Numbers

Posted by Active Belle on Jan 21, 2008 9:23:43 AM

A lot of my runs so far were supposed to have been low intensity and in zone 1 but I am having a really hard time running in zone 1. I thought I calculated my lactate threshold to be around 174, so zone 1 would be under 147 HR.  This past weekend I went on a 6-mile run and it took one hour. 10-minute miles is pretty slow but my heart rate was still high. For the first 30 minutes my HR was consistently between 154 and 165. The slightest hill made it go up into the 170s and 180s and in the last half hour I could not get it under 170. I was winded however as long as I was not running a hill (or recovering from a hill) I could still talk. My boyfriend's HR was around 150 the whole time.


My questions are:


1) Is it really possible to run in zone 1 and am I doing something wrong?


2) is it normal for women to have a higher HR than men?


3) am I too concerned with the numbers? ?:|

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Active Belle

Active Belle

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