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Cold Weather Wimp

Posted by Active Belle on Jan 24, 2008 4:15:30 PM


In the 50s and cloudy would be a fine day for a swim in most cold-weather places, but southern California has spoiled me and I was too wimpy to swim today. I chose to sit here in front of my computer and drink hot tea instead. 



In case you couldn't tell from my Cayman Workout, my new year's resolutionto complete all my January workoutsis not working out too well. I can't seem to tackle all the sports at once. in the beginning I felt like my run was suffering as I missed a few key run workouts. Now that running is getting easier, I feel like I am missing too many swim workouts.



I can feel an overall improvement in my fitness and endurance, however, and that has me motivated and feeling positive about my progress.  



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