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Dealing With the Unexpected

Posted by Active Belle Mar 26, 2008

I am getting frustrated that things seem to keep getting in the way of the weekend workouts. It makes me nervous as those are pretty important steps in my training and with Wildflower only a month away.


The latest? I broke out in Hives last Thursday night and I am pretty sure I got them from using seventh generation's powder laundry detergent.


I got it the worst on my chest and stomach so there was no way that I was going to put on a sports bra. And aside from the fact I wanted to scratch my skin off, I was advised to stay out of the sun while taking the medicine the doctors prescribed, so I was house bound the entire weekend--missing yet another major weekend of workouts. 


I did however learn a few things:


Benedryl works better as an antihistamine when taken orally--forget the gels


Xyzal is an even better antihistamine


Oatmeal baths make you feel like you are bathing in vomit (and don't actually work that well--stick with a cold compress)


Cortozone shots are good


The Bourne Ultimatum wasn't all that different from the other two films


Seventh Generation powder laundry detergent is no good


I might have to walk the hills at Wildflower

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Lunch Run

Posted by Active Belle Mar 19, 2008

Here is what a lunch run looked like before Who Wants to Get Active:



Here is what my lunch runs look like now:



(I took this video with the Flip Video Camera which I have come to love taking on runs and rides with me. It is durable, lightweight and super easy to use!)

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2 reasons...

Posted by Active Belle Mar 11, 2008

Why I prefer mountain biking over road biking while in the Santa Cruz Mountains:


1) There are tons of trails with fantastic views








2) The roads around here are just too dangerous. A crash on Sunday morning claimed the lives of two area cyclists, one of which was an Olympic hopeful, and injured a third.







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I think Active X has finally interferred with my training. 400 meters of lunges is what did me in. The lunges took place last Wednesday and I can finally walk today--Monday. I was able to do one swim workout between then and now and an easy, flat mountain bike ride helped get the legs working again on Saturday.


A friend mentioned that a few things may have contributed to how sore I was (in addition to the fact that I have never done 400 meters of lunges before). He said that I should have stretched more and eaten some form of protein after the workout.


Gale, How does protein help sore muscles? and how much stretching do you do after a big workout?


For fun: mountain biking in Montana de Oro State Park--Morro Bay, California.


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Back at it with Active X

Posted by Active Belle Mar 3, 2008

After moving and being sick, I finally made a return to Active X and my full training schedule. After Active X today I did my 30 minutes of cycling on the stationary bike. I felt good, but weighted down. Over the final weeks of training I really want to focus on eating well and finding my optimal weight for performance. I want to learn to eat less and make the foods I do eat go farther.


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