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Who Wants to Get Active--Belle

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I think Active X has finally interferred with my training. 400 meters of lunges is what did me in. The lunges took place last Wednesday and I can finally walk today--Monday. I was able to do one swim workout between then and now and an easy, flat mountain bike ride helped get the legs working again on Saturday.


A friend mentioned that a few things may have contributed to how sore I was (in addition to the fact that I have never done 400 meters of lunges before). He said that I should have stretched more and eaten some form of protein after the workout.


Gale, How does protein help sore muscles? and how much stretching do you do after a big workout?


For fun: mountain biking in Montana de Oro State Park--Morro Bay, California.


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How to Apply Chain Lube

Posted by Active Belle Feb 8, 2008

After we laughed about the clumps of dirt on my bike, I asked Gale to explain her method of cleaning her chain. This is what she does before every ride:

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Since Josh was home for the holidays we decided to do my hour and a half training ride together. When we took inventory of the bikes in our garage, we found only 1 road bike and 1 mountain bike, but we had 2 beach cruisers. We chose to bike from Pacific Beach in San Diego to Ocean Beach for breakfast at our favorite vegetarian friendly, Mexican joint--Ranchos!


Note: The entire ride took a little over an hour and a half and I was unable to finish my breakfast burrito. Also, it was not until after the ride that I read Gale's notes about max heart rate--see comment in previous post.


The rest of the week it was difficult to maintain my training schedule. Other than a short walk with the dogs on Christmas day, I was unable to make time for the workouts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I am picking it back up today and I am hoping to do better over New Years--even though we will be leaving sunny San Diego for the cold climate in Chicago.

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