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Who Wants to Get Active--Belle

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Since Josh was home for the holidays we decided to do my hour and a half training ride together. When we took inventory of the bikes in our garage, we found only 1 road bike and 1 mountain bike, but we had 2 beach cruisers. We chose to bike from Pacific Beach in San Diego to Ocean Beach for breakfast at our favorite vegetarian friendly, Mexican joint--Ranchos!


Note: The entire ride took a little over an hour and a half and I was unable to finish my breakfast burrito. Also, it was not until after the ride that I read Gale's notes about max heart rate--see comment in previous post.


The rest of the week it was difficult to maintain my training schedule. Other than a short walk with the dogs on Christmas day, I was unable to make time for the workouts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I am picking it back up today and I am hoping to do better over New Years--even though we will be leaving sunny San Diego for the cold climate in Chicago.

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Belle is a little active but she wants to get more active. Follow her through videos and blogs as she works with help from Active Expert Gale Bernhardt to prepare for the wildflower triathlon next May.

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