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I Did Wildflower

Posted by Active Belle May 5, 2008

I did it! I did Wildflower.


A few weeks ago both Gale and Stephen said that even if I doggy paddle the swim, granny-gear the bike and crawl the run, I can still call myself a triathlete. I was covered! Then I read the Wildflower rules the day before the race and learned that if you crawl at Wildflower, you will be disqualified.


I also went down to the pier on Saturday and watched the pros dive in for the swim on the long course. That got me worrying that my first lake swim just might be a doggy paddle.


But Sunday morning I felt surprisingly relaxed and happy. Standing on the boat ramp waiting for my age group to start I was joking around with some of the other girls. 


Then the horn went off.


The water was cold, the wetsuit was choking me, there were elbows in my face, and hands swatting my ankles. My heart rate must have been higher than I thought because I had trouble breathing. I had to stop and tread water and tell myself to calm down. There was even a part of me that wanted to swim back to the boat ramp and stand on solid ground for a minute. I had never met that part of me before.


But thankfully there was a bigger part of me that said, 'Are you crazy? Are you actually thinking about turning around in the first 100 yards of a race you trained 6 months for, just because of a little panic attack?'


So I kept swimming, breathing every two strokes instead of my usual 4, and talking my heart rate down. I made my way to the outer edge of the pack and finally found my rhythm about 10 minutes into the swim.


Even though it was hard to keep track of the buoys and even though I felt like I was swimming in circles, I still swam in the amount of time I had estimated (30 minutes).


Coming out of the water I was disoriented and felt dizzy, but I ran my way up the ramp and into the transition area. It took me just under 4 minutes to get through, and then out on the bike. It was better than my 15- and 7-minute transitions from training but still pretty slow. Although for this race, the transition times were the least of my worries.


I was more prepared for the bike than anything else and the 40K ride felt great. On one of the initial descents I looked over at the bikers coming up and thought, 'This looks like a killer hill on the way up.' Then the song Killer Queen got stuck in my head and distracted me from worrying about a hill I wasn't at yet. So I started humming along to the tune in my head.


"She's a Killer Queen...Gunpowder, gelatine...Dynamite with a laserbeam...Guaranteed to blow your mind...Anytime..." and I forgot all about the killer climb. I was passing people going up the hills, smiling on the way down and I finished 25 minutes faster than I had anticipated in 1 hour, 34 minutes. 


My transition from bike to run was a little faster than my first transition at just under 3 minutes. Exiting the transition area you go straight up a flight of stairs and onto a dirt path. The first few miles I felt strong and positive. Then I realized the mile markers weren't mile markers...they were kilometer markers. That's when the shady trail turned into a sun-exposed path and I started to slow down. There was a big hill between kilometers 4 and 5 where my body got in a fight with my mind.


My body said, "I want to walk this hill: There is nothing wrong with walking this hill"


My mind responded with, "There is everything wrong with walking this hill, don't you want to say you ran the whole thing?"


My body shot back with, "Yes, but it will be even better if I can actually finish."


During this debate I would stop running briefly, feel bad about it and two second later start running again, then my body would scream that I was going too fast and I would slow all the way down to a walk again. There was an older gentleman near me that kept a steady pace, and when I slowed to a walk he would pass me, but when I ran, I would pass him. I realize now I should have kept pace with him and I probably would not have walked at all. But the final big hill, combined with the heat, got to me and I had to walk a bit.


I picked up the pace again at the crest of the hill and was able to keep a decent clip on the long descent to the finish line. Coming through the final chute I was neck and neck with another girl and we pushed each other in a sprint to the finish. They announced everyone crossing the line and I felt proud to hear my name over the loudspeaker.


I could have collapsed on the other side of the line but a volunteer threw a cold, dripping wet towel over my shoulder that revived me. I also saw a co-worker who was at the finish line cheering Team in Training athletes across. He congratulated me and I was grateful to see a supportive smile. A smile that said, "Look at you. You just did Wildflower!"


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On My Way

Posted by Active Belle May 2, 2008


I am off today to drive up to Wildflower. I did a short taper workout yesterday: a 10 minute run and a short swim. While I was in the pool, I got a little nervous about the lake swim as I have no idea what it will be like...and this will be my first time wearing a wet suit.  



Overall I am excited and just looking forward to having fun.



Thank you so much for all your encouragement and advice Gale! You really helped keep my training light and fun over the last 6 months. I think the most important thing I learned is that it doesn't matter if I do a short workout, or an easy workout or even miss a workout--as long as I keep getting out there.



Stephen--thanks for all your encouraging words. It was so nice to see your messages from time to time as a reminder that someone was watching me, and that if you kept at it, I should too. Good luck at your race next weekend. Be sure to let me know how it goes. 



FinallyA few weeks ago I had a co-worker/swim coach (Carrie) watch my stroke. She gave me lots of great feedback with a couple of drills to work on.  Toby took video of the session but unfortunately I never found time to edit the footage. Thanks so much for taking the time to work with me Carrieyour suggestions have been really helpful over the last few weeks!



Good Luck to everyone headed to Wildflower!



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The Wetsuit Dilemma

Posted by Active Belle Apr 16, 2008





The Tri-California site lists the water temperature for Wildflower between 65 and 68 degrees. The Air temp right now is 71 degrees. Would you recommend that I use a wetsuit? Please keep the following in mind:



1) I have never been swimming in a wetsuit.



2) I don't own a wetsuit and prefer not to purchase one.



I could rent one however is that a good idea when I have never used one before?






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Weekend Workout

Posted by Active Belle Apr 13, 2008


Sunday's scheduled workout: 2 1/2 hour bike to a 45 minute run with a triathlon-style transition for practice. (I also planned to get up at 6 am and do a hilly route--as the triathlon is super hilly)



How Sunday's workout actually went:  6 am alarm went off, 7 am I got up and had a lazy morning with an egg breakfast. At 8 am I was on  my way--out the door and up the hill.



My Bike: I took it easy and felt ok but not great. My throat had that cold, dry feeling which is really annoying. I included two reasonably big hill climbs and could have added a third but I was really tired and turned around after 50 minutes thinking it would take me longer to get back and the ride would be about 2 hours. I got back in 45 minutes making the ride about an hour and a half.



My Transition: I came in the house, drank some water, went to the bathroom, put my hair in pigtails, changed into running clothes, talked to my sister--who woke up, said good morning and then went back to bed. Then I stretched, selected an album on my ipod, put some more sunscreen on my face and finally headed out the door.



My Run: I meant to follow the same bike path so that I would end up doing at least one big hill, but I was exhausted so I turned downhill at the end of the driveway instead of uphill. I ran the short, flat route (25 to 30 minutes) and was still struggling. Plus I did not drink nearly enough water while biking to prepare for the 80 degree weather at 10 in the morning on my run.  (I know megan--you would love 80 degree weather at 10 in the morning:)



The good thing is that even though I was tired, my body felt like it knew what to do and my legs did well carrying me through the workout.



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I finally went to Road Runner in San Diego and had them look at my stride. I kind of expected a big to do but this is all that happened:


First they took imprints of my foot strike on both sides




Then they taped me running on the treadmill




They scribbled notes on a sheet of paper, then told me I have a neutral stride.


According to the Road Runner pamphlet titled Feel Great in Your Shoe Fit, neutral means my feet "tend to be rigid, have high arches, and roll inward or outward minimally."


It was kind of anticlimactic but my runs since have been nothing short of glorious. I am feeling good so I don't have to deal with the super heavy, I-don't-think-I-can-run-anymore-than-20-feet feeling that comes when I haven't run in a while.  I especially enjoyed my long run last weekend. I took it slow, ran down along the ocean and felt really good. I am looking forward to slipping back into my new Saucony Triumph 5s!



I did learn that I was wearing a half size too small. Apparently your toes are not supposed to hit the front of the shoe at all when you run. (My toes were hitting the front of my old shoes when going down hills)

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2 reasons...

Posted by Active Belle Mar 11, 2008

Why I prefer mountain biking over road biking while in the Santa Cruz Mountains:


1) There are tons of trails with fantastic views








2) The roads around here are just too dangerous. A crash on Sunday morning claimed the lives of two area cyclists, one of which was an Olympic hopeful, and injured a third.







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Swim Question

Posted by Active Belle Feb 7, 2008


Hey Gale, today's workout says to do low intensity of 8x50, then in the comments it says to  



"Swim the designated number of 50s at race pace".



Should race pace be low intensity?






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Supplemental Events

Posted by Active Belle Jan 2, 2008

As the new year gets under way I have been tempted by a few races that friends are signing up for. How do I know where I can fit shorter running and biking races into my training plan leading up to the main Wildflower event?

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New Year's Resolution

Posted by Active Belle Dec 28, 2007

My first goal for the new year is to complete all of my scheduled workouts in January. I have been pretty consistent with my workouts in that I usually miss about one per week. So I want to focus January as a time to get in a better rhythm. I have two trips planned so it will be important to look ahead, know what workouts are coming up, and plan accordingly.


First--I will be in Chicago at the beginning of the month. My parents have a stationary bike and a treadmill so there should be no problems getting my workouts done.


Then I am headed to the Cayman Island which will be a little trickier. I will have to rearrange the workouts to make my rest days the days that we are traveling, but with some planning, that should be easy. I just looked up the hotel that we are staying in, and there is a recreation facility. If the picture is not deceiving, it looks like there are some treadmills. I know the island has bike rentals and of course there is open water swimming...although I am really intimidated by that! 


I have always found that running or biking around a new place is the best way to get to know it and see some of the local color, so here's to hoping I stay on track!

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Since Josh was home for the holidays we decided to do my hour and a half training ride together. When we took inventory of the bikes in our garage, we found only 1 road bike and 1 mountain bike, but we had 2 beach cruisers. We chose to bike from Pacific Beach in San Diego to Ocean Beach for breakfast at our favorite vegetarian friendly, Mexican joint--Ranchos!


Note: The entire ride took a little over an hour and a half and I was unable to finish my breakfast burrito. Also, it was not until after the ride that I read Gale's notes about max heart rate--see comment in previous post.


The rest of the week it was difficult to maintain my training schedule. Other than a short walk with the dogs on Christmas day, I was unable to make time for the workouts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I am picking it back up today and I am hoping to do better over New Years--even though we will be leaving sunny San Diego for the cold climate in Chicago.

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Weekend Report

Posted by Active Belle Dec 18, 2007

I was in the Santa Cruz mountains this past weekend visiting my boyfriend. He lives across the street from an open space preserve with lots of great trails so we went for a trail run instead of doing the shorter run I was supposed to do.


I was supposed to do a timed 1-mile run on a flat course at heart rate 9-11 beats below my lactate threshold heart rate. Gale, What does that mean and can/should I still work this in.


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Posted by Active Belle Nov 28, 2007

I tried a new strength/cardio workout yesterday following my 20:00 warm up run. It is called ActiveX and is supposed to build overall strength and conditioning for triathlon.


Tuesday's workout went like this: Run 400 meters from the pool deck, up the ramp, around the office building, through the parking lot and back down to the pool deck. Go straight into 30 squats with 10 pound dumbbells then do 30 sit ups. Repeat sequence two more times.


It is a quick 20 minute workout that moves fast and is timed so that progress can be tracked. It was much harder than I had expected. I felt heavy and I had never worked out before.


Overall it was a lot of fun to work out in a group and I am excited for Friday's session.



My time was 20:36

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