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It is at about this time in the Tour that the Team Time Trial(TTT) makes its appearance. But not this year.  Is anyone else disappointed that there is no TTT in this edition of the Tour? I love that event. The TTT is a combination of speed and grace--and not necessarily in that order. You have to be smooth first, then the speed will follow. Watching Lance Armstrong and his Blue Train rocketing across the French countryside at 35-plus mph was poetry in motion.


Another reason I love the TTT is that it forces teams in contention for the overall to bring a balanced squad. To be sure, it is nice to have 120-pound mountain goats to protect your leader when the road tilts upward, but if you don't bring a few bigger guys, you can lose the jersey when you least expect it; just ask Floyd Landis and his Team Phonak when the 2006 Tour left the Pyrenees and headed across the flats to the Alps.  Yes, Floyd and his team decided not to chase that now famous breakaway, but without the help of the sprinter's teams it meant a golden day for Oscar Periero.


Given the thoroughbreads on Team CSC, if they had held the TTT this year, undoubtedly the result would have been Fabian Cancellara padding his lead, but what a sight to behold! It is not clear why the Tour organizers omitted the TTT from this year's schedule. Let's hope that this does not become a regular ocurrence.


Ever upward,


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