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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Posted by Bruce E Hildenbrand Jan 31, 2008

Enough is enough.  It's California for heaven's sake.  Hey, I did my time in

the midwest, riding indoors while staring at the TV playing old Tour de France

videos.  Bicycling is supposed to be fun, not work. Those trainer sessions just

seemed to be endless studies in boredom.  I want to be out on my bike and not

freezing my butt off and getting drenched by rain.


OK. If you don't live in California or some other warm winter climate, you

don't need to get out the violin.  In fact, I am not looking for any sympathy

from you all locked in a white winter.  I understand that we have it better,

weather-wise in Arnold-country, but I am just tired of dreary skies and gloomy

weather forecasts.


The weather-liars told me last night that the rain wouldn't hit my area until

late in the afternoon.  Then why, pray tell, was I topping out on the first

climb of the day before noon in pouring rain and 40F temps?  The only thing

worse then riding uphill in the rain is going downhill and when you are wet

and freezing and a long way from home, there is not much you can do.  Self

pity doesn't turn the pedals and even though I was headed downhill, you can

only coast so far.  Sticking out a thumb is a total admission of wimpiness.

Being a guy, that is definitely the absolutely last resort!


So, I soldiered on, not really hating life, more wondering why it always seemed

to be raining on me.  Obviously, our maker isn't singling me out for any extra

grief, but sometimes it seems like I am being punished for the sins of others.

Philosophizing does take my mind off of the wet and cold and as long as the car

drivers behave, it always seems like I get home somehow and will all my body

parts intact.


Don't cry for me Argentina.  My memory is pretty poor.  I am sure this latest

episode in unpleasantness will not have any noticeable affect on my behavior

and sooner, rather than later, I will find myself once again, soaked to the

skin, shivering like mad and wondering why I decided to head out for a ride

on a day like this.  Your mileage may vary.



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