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Spring has Sprung

Posted by Bruce Hildenbrand on Mar 24, 2008 11:34:58 PM

With the advent of both spring and an early onset of Daylight Saving's Time it is time to dust off your trusty steed and get out and ride. Of course, those of you in warmer climes have probably already been on the road on weekends, but with darkness coming past 7pm and with some creative scheduling a quality, after-work ride is also a possibility.


For those of you in the colder regions, again, scheduling is the key. Yes, we all have responsibilities which transcend the bike, but with some simple time management, you can plan to head out during the warmest time of the day, hopefully allowing one to leave their full-fingered gloves, booties and insulated jackets at home.


For me, the key is to enjoy my time on the bike and that means making it seem less of a workout or an obligation and more of a personal choice. My ultimate goal is to have longevity in the sport and if I feel obligated to ride my bike, that is less likely to happen. Hey, but your mileage may vary(YMMV) and whatever gets you some saddle time is probably OK.


It seems silly to talk about burnout as the season just starts, but if you do feel your desire waning one place to look for a solution is your motivation for riding. No, I didn't see this on an episode of Dr. Phil, but it still is just pop psychology. Of course, having some goals for the season help to stimulate some motivation. I usually try to set a few easily attainable goals to get me started, then follow that with a mix of both difficult-to-attain and almost-impossible-to-attain goals as the season progresses. Somewhere between riding around the block and riding the Tour de France is the sweet spot.


What about you all out there. What are you doing to get motivated and out on your bikes as the season starts. What are your goals for 2008 and do you think you will be able to make them happen?


Enjoy the bike. It's just too much fun not to.



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