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There is an old saying, "a bad day fishing beats a good day at work." Well, with the current economic crisis, you could almost change that to "a bad day on the bike beats a bad day on the stock market," but even that doesn't really capture what I am trying to say.  Remember that line from movie City Slickers when Daniel Stern's character says about his relationship with his dad something to the effect, "we never saw eye to eye on anything, but we always had baseball". But, that still doesn't really demonstrate the point I am trying to make.


I guess what I am trying to say is that regardless of what is happening in the world around me, I can always seem to find some peace and understanding when I am on the bike. I won't go as far as to say it is my sanctuary, but when everything appears to be falling down around me(most recently it was a leaky toilet that didn't want to stop dripping) the bike is there to take me away from the problems of the moment and give me some happiness.


We all ride bikes for different reasons be it racing, fitness, touring or whatever. Hopefully, regardless of the reason, we all can find happiness when on the bike and can let the problems in our life take a time out. That doesn't mean that the problems will go away, but by stepping back and heading out on a spin the edges dull a bit and the problems don't seem that insurmountable.


Sometimes, stepping away from a problem helps figure out the solution. When I was in hi-tech, I solved some of my most frustrating problems when I took a break and let my mind clear a bit. Of course, I couldn't exactly get my employers to regard my on-the-bike-time as working hours, but it really didn't matter since I was getting in a great ride and when I got back to my work I knew the problem would be solved.


Hopefully, in the time of national and even global economic crises we can still make time to ride. It is almost required for those trying to maintain sanity.



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