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My Christmas Wish List

Posted by Bruce Hildenbrand on Dec 24, 2008 12:45:13 AM

Here's my bike-related Christmas wish list:


-the climbing ability of Alberto Contador.  I agree with Johan Bruyneel that Lance can hang with the best in the mountains, but Alberto is the man.


-the timetrialing ability of either Lance Armstrong or Fabian Cancellara. Hey, I am not picky, either one will do though if there is significant uphill, I would prefer Lance


-the sprinting ability of Mark Cavendish. Along with his fast legs, I probably also need his nerves of steel.


-the descending ability of Paolo "the Falcon" Savoldelli.  This guy literally flew down hills and mountains like he was on wings.


-the heart of Jens Voigt. This guy can go fast on the flats, the mountains, in time trials, etc, and doesn't seem to be built to go fast in any specific discipline.


-the tactical prowess of Johan Bruyneel. Nobody can read a race better than Johan.


-the overall demeanor of Christian Vande Velde. This guy was in the thick of things all the way to Paris, but seemed to be having too much fun.


-the pocketbook of the New York Yankees, because if I get all my wishes, they will be the only professional team who can afford me.


What's on your wish list?


Happy Holidays,



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