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Road Rage Trial Continues

Posted by Bruce Hildenbrand on Oct 29, 2009 11:12:12 PM

Last week I wrote about the road rage trial of a Los Angeles doctor who is accused knocking down two bike riders. I think this is a really important read for all cyclists. I don't want to widen the rift between cyclists and cars, I am hoping that maybe we can all gain some understanding by following what's going on in the trial. You can read what I wrote last week here:


Patrick Brady writing for Velo News continues his coverage as the trial heads to closing arguments. You can read the latest news here:


Rather than read what I have to say, check out the links above and get some enlightenment.




ps - I think it is very enlightening that the defense is trying to paint a picture that bicycles are inherently unstable and because of this can just crash at anytime for no apparent reason.

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