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We are fast approaching the time of the year when motivaiton to ride your bike can reach a dangerously low level. I have written about this in the past and offered some suggestions. One very nice way to battle "Low Mo" is to take a trip. And there is no better place to go on a trip than to Europe.


There are a number of touring companies which offer trips of all shapes and sizes. You can taste wines and ride. You can ride and taste wines. You can ride big hills. You can ride small hills. You can ride the climbs that Lance rides. You can try to ride the climbs that Lance rides. Basically, with a little searching on the internet you can find a whole host ot touring companies.


I am currently over in Europe riding my bike (please don't break into my house and steal anything) so I can speak firsthand on the wonders of "getting away". New roads, new friends and new culture all work to stimulate your interest for the bike.


Of course, there are those who look to this time of year to transition to winter type sports. That's OK. But, I have to tell you that you really are missing out if you don't, just once, hop a plane and cross a pond with your bike and ride. It's totally worth it.



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