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There are always more stories surrounding a bike race than just the stuff making he headlines.  Here are some stories and accompanying photos.


Usually, each rider has his name on his bike so the mecahnics can tel them apart. For the Amgen Tour of California (AToC) the riders on Team Radio Shack have the name of a cancer survivor on their bikes.  Here is a photo of the bike of three-time defending champion Levi Leipheimer.  He is riding for Nate Wagner, a 3-year old cancer survivor from Santa Rosa.  Nate has a lot of energy, unfortunately he prefers golf to riding bikes.



Several of the members of Team Bissell are having a goatee growing contest during the race.  While the judging of such a contest is highly subjective, the consensus is Ben Jacques-Maynes (pictured below) is the early leader.



Paul Mach is a PhD candidate in Mathematics at University of California-Davis.  He is a former All American 800m runner who switched to the bike about five years ago.  He is also participating in the Bissell goatee contest.  He is pictured here wearing the King of the Mountains jersey which he won on Stage 1.



Even though it was raining fairly hard for Stage 2, that didn't dampen the spirit of the fans in Levi Leipheimer's home town of Santa Rosa.



Stage 3 took the riders from San Francisco to Santa Cruz also known as Surf City, USA.




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