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It's Family Time

Posted by Bruce Hildenbrand Jun 1, 2008

I spend a few months a year in the People's Republic of Boulder. The riding in Colorado isn't as good as Northern California, but it is good to get a change of scenery and hang out with some of my buds.  Also, the rock climbing is excellent.


But, what I wanted to write about was something I witnessed in Boulder today. It seems like everywhere I went on Sunday there was a family of three, four or five out on the bike trails enjoying a picture postcard day. Temps were in the low 80's, the wind was almost non-existent and the afternoon thunderstorms were no where to be seen. The Colorado Board of Tourism lives for days like this!


And, it seems that Boulderites live for days like this as well. With gas hitting record prices you would think that people would be driving less and looking for alternate ways to get to work and to enjoy the outdoors. Maybe oil needs to hit $200/barrel because I still see people here in Colorado driving with their studded snow tires on or towing a trailer the size of the Queen Mary up the Rockies.


Which explains why I found the sight of all the families out enjoying two-wheeled transport so refreshing.  And it also works on a different level. By introducing their kids to the joys of cycling early in their life there is a chance that when the kids grow up they will be more likely to be outside having fun than inside their house playing the latest video game. Cycling can and should be a lifelong pursuit whether you race, ride hard on weekends or just like to get out for a few hours on Sunday.


Introduce your kids, friends, co-workers to cycling. When gas hits $10/gallon they will thank you profusely plus you will get a few more riding partners.



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